Joint degree

A joint degree is a qualification awarded by higher education institutions who are involved in the joint programme, attesting the successful completion of the joint programme. It is a single document signed by the competent authorities (rectors, vice-chancellors) of the institutions involved in the joint programme and it replaces the separate (institutional/national) qualifications.

Joint programme

A joint programme is a programme offered jointly by several higher education institutions. A joint programme does not necessarily lead to a joint degree. It is only one of the possible awards. After the completion of a joint programme the graduate may be awarded: a single national qualification, a double/multiple qualification and/or a joint qualification.

Assessing qualifications awarded by joint programmes

Recognition of a foreign qualification usually means recognition of a foreign national qualification. Qualifications awarded by a joint programme on the other hand are considered as either belonging to more than one national system or not fully belonging to any single national system. Hence some additional evaluation elements have to be taken into account in the assessment of such qualifications.